Cannondale Lefty: Service, Maintenance, Tuning

Lefty's due to their single sided wheel mount, are probably the most distinctive bicycle front suspension system in the bike industry.

It's tremendous torsional stiffness, which is achieved through its needle bearing telescope and the oversized axle, is not just proven by various machine tests, but also by countless victories in dual slalom, 4 cross and X-country races.

Take look at our two 3D videos. They explain 2 of the most important advantages of the Lefty: its torsional stiffness (-> Video) and its stability (-> Video)

Function and weight are state of the art.

Lefty Classic 100 ELO Alu

The Lefty ELO is the first bike suspension on the market that uses an electonic lock out, and it works great! This all was made possible by a tinny electronic motor made by a swiss company famous for making precision bearings for swiss watches.


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