Oggi prime prove sul campo del nostro paracolpi. Nonostante sia già molto vicino alla perfezione, apporteremo ancora qualche modifica nella forma e finitura.

Restate sintonizzati!


Today we tested for the first time our Lefty fender. Even if it already worked pretty good, we will make some little changes in the shape and finish for the final version of the fender.

Stay tuned!weiterlesen

The past weekend, i was present at the Cannondale boot for setting up both Lefty & Dyad suspension for the new Trigger and Jekyll.
We had very good feedback from consumers on both bikes, especially the way the bike handles thanks to the smoothness of the new supermax!
The supermax 140-160mm is very sensitive/reactive on the small bumps and has a more progressive damping at the end of travel.
The PBR damper can be modified by us to get even better or different damping options.weiterlesen

Tuneyourbike made a new accessory - TYLefty guide - look at the advantages:

*takes up to 3-4 cables!!!
*easy/fast install with ty-rap
*strong & light
*designed, tested and made in EU
*only 14,9€/pc ty-raps included.

Available now! check tuneyourbike.com for stock dealers.weiterlesen

some inside pictures from the CFR World Cup in Norwayweiterlesen

Cannondale chief suspension engineer Steve Extance presents the renewed Lefty 2013weiterlesen

again a little summary of our 2014 Gran Canaria trip.weiterlesen

connected the 2 last videos with some little corrections. Nevertheless this is a real trail and also is the order it was filmed. Some sections suffer from being recorded in 4k and I lack the skills to properly edit it.weiterlesen

this is a short video around the Cannondale "over do it" launch behind the scenes in Sotogrande, Spain.weiterlesen


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