we finally meet us to our annual tech meeting at the 88+ place in Würzburg. We come up with our latest technology transfer and share the experience in our 88+ group.weiterlesen

as always a little summary of our annual vacation on the Canary island Gran Canaria.weiterlesen

This is a little video of one of the favorite parts of my back yard trail. It runs past an old castle which was run down in the late 12 century cause they had a little argument. The light is a bid strange at some parts cause the old GoPro has trouble handling the head on sun, and I started recording at the bottom of the trail,working my way up as the sun went down.weiterlesen

very, very late, my impressions of the 2014 XCO world cup in Nove Mestoweiterlesen

Here is a short impression of the 2nd Lefty mechanics contest held after the XCO World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech. Even so there was a slight communication barrier it was a lot of fun.weiterlesen


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