Lefty Hybrid 27,5 Supermax Alu

The SuperMax’s ALu lower leg is 36mm in diameter, while the upper leg measures a whopping 46mm for maximum stiffness and steering precision. Short stem compatible 50mm, To ensure that riders can achieve the best fit on long travel 27,5’ers, the SuperMax is offered with multiple crown spacings to fit different head tube clamp spacing (100,2/112,9/125,6/137,6mm), has a specific fork rake of 50mm- This increased offset combined with OverMountain’s slack head angles offers the best combination of high speed stability and low speed agility and cornering!.
Available in 140mm Travel - Crown height 530mm
or 160mm Travel - Crown height 550mmm

Material (Detail): 
Alu Outertube + 36mm Innertue
Wheel Size: 
Damp & Spring: 
PBR- Push Botton Remote oil damper with external rebound adjustment and a firm threshold wich offers great efficiency for climbing and the Solo Air Spring (self adjusting negative spring)
Travel (mm): 
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Lefty Supermax 27,5“-ALU PBR2.0 140mm
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The Supermax 27,5 ALU PBR 2.0 with 140mm- the Trail fork for climbs as well as descends.