Lefty Olaf Fatbike

With the amazing grip that fatbike tires can garnet- you nee a fork that´s up to the task-
Here is it - the Lefty Olaf.

Wider Crowns and Axle-
Clearance for full 4.8" tires.

Needs a special Lefty Hub 73 mm width
Fork Rake of 60mm- longer offset makes the bike more agil with big tires.
Offered in 4 different crown spacings to fit different head tube clamp spacing (100,2/112,9/125,6/137,6mm).
Minimum stem length 50mm.

Material (Detail): 
Alu Outertube + 36mm Innertue
Wheel Size: 
Damp & Spring: 
PBR- Push Botton Remote oil damper with external rebound adjustment and a firm threshold wich offers great efficiency for climbing and the Solo Air Spring (self adjusting negative spring)
Travel (mm): 
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Lefty Olaf
Artikelnummer (SKU):
HFSupermax Olaf

The Lefty for the Fatbikes:
Wider Crowns and Axle(special Hub)
Clearance for full 4.8" tires