O-Ton mtb-news: Wer sich für Service oder Tuning von Lefty Federgabeln interessiert, der wird an einem Namen nicht vorbei kommen: Eighty Aid – wir waren zu Besuch. Klar, dass wir den tollen Artikel samt Video hier verlinken! Viel Spass beim Lesen.weiterlesen

Voll auf Aggro im Wald: Auf ihrer Website haben die Macher der MTB News ein paar Dinge klargestellt, die wir von eighty-aid zu 100% unterstützen: Zum Artikel

(Bild "Angry Cat" von Tambako the Jaguar, Lizenzinfo)weiterlesen

A customer from New-Zealand has send some nice pictures from the re-build of his old Cannondale.
Check out the nice decals and re-worked logo he made to match his bike.

"Hi Kristof, Some time back you were kind enough to rebuild a NOS DD25 damper for me. And send it to the other side of the world, New Zealand. It's taken a while, but I thought you might like to see the result. Thanks for your help, you did a great job"weiterlesen

In einem Video fassen wir hier kurz zusammen, was eighty-aid.com eigentlich ausmacht. Viel Spass beim Ansehen!weiterlesen

Alle Infos rund um den Radsport? Kannst Du haben. Die Cannondale Gazette ist ein neues Online Magazin, das Dich auf dem Laufenden hält.weiterlesen

Dear lefty enthusiast,
I tested again the new Lefty mudguard this weekend in extreme muddy and windy conditions on a Supermax 27,4 with 2,4 tyre.
It works really well. Available in limited quantities for now. Video coming soon...
The Supermax works much better now with the 88aid tuning and new oil piston.

Some more news from 88aid Belgium….

NEW WORKSHOP coming soon...
I'm building a new workshop to offer you a better and faster service. In the mean time you can still find me at Klarastraat 4, Tervuren. For a visit, please make an appointment by...weiterlesen

Diesen Facebook Post von GT-YellowWings Racing wollten wir Euch nicht vorenthalten:

we finally meet us to our annual tech meeting at the 88+ place in Würzburg. We come up with our latest technology transfer and share the experience in our 88+ group.weiterlesen

this little video is meant as an inspiration for all the stokers that don't know about it (being a stoker) yet. It must be said that the stoker is not a useless "Sack of potatoes" on the back, but at least as important as the captain in terms of handling and power supply. We often get asked if it is possible to ride a Tandem off-road and if it is fun. I hope the video shows the fun we have on the trail. It is also supposed to be a little tutorial about how to mount and dismount as a stocker to make starting smooth. This was shoot on our 26", but we will soon make some more on our 29er...weiterlesen


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