Lefty hybrid 2.0 Carbon

A bike as radically new and boundary-pushing as the F-Si demands an equally radical fork to complement its freakish handling and stiffness. That’s the new Lefty.
The new Lefty 2.0 Carbon XLR was specifically designed for the new F-SI!
New XC damper- like the Enduro bikes already have but tuned for XC Setup.
New 29ér Specific offset -this combined with the flat steering head angle of the F-SI is both the smoothness in the high-and the maneuverability at low speeds possible!. When combined with slack head angles, this creates the perfect balance of high speed stability and low speed agility. You will now be fitted with different clamp spacing to ensure optimal adaptation to the driver size here (100,2/112,9/125,6/137,6mm), Now also possible to use also with 80mm stem.
and 100mm of travel.-

Material (Detail): 
Carbon upper leg + alloy lower leg
Wheel Size: 
Damp & Spring: 
XLR remote oil damper with external rebound adjustment and a firm threshold wich offers great efficiency for climbing (incl. longtime Alucaps)and the Solo Air Spring( self adjusting negative spring)
Travel (mm): 
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Lefty Hybrid 29er 2.0 Carbon XLR
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The new Lefty 2.0 hybrid 29ér Carbon XLR for the F-SI Hardtail!