The P-bone's fork blades are made of one tube and then welded to the inner steering tube. It is extremely strong and stiff, but a bit heavier than a Fatty. Comes only with cantilever studs. The P-bone is the same fork as a DD60. The DD60 was created based on the DD50.


Cannondale Moto forks are so far the only double crown, triple clamp HeadShok forks.

The Moto FR is (with the necessary reinforcement) the best and strongest Tandem fork.

The Moto DH 120 was in 1996/1997 the most successful down hill fork in the World Cup.


The Delta V. is the Dinosaur amongst the HeadShok forks, with the big difference that some of them are still alive today. If not, in most cases we can still fix them.


Silk Tour, Silk Path and Silk City are identical except for the decal. They have P-bone blades for 28" wheels. They can come with a friction damper (M-system) or an oil damper (DD system) with lock out feature. The coil spring offers 25 mm of travel.

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