System Diagnosis

Every single HeadShok fork that comes to Eighty-Aid goes first through a system diagnose.
This determines which telescope and which internals we are working on.- we evaluate the telescope and the damper.
Next to the overall condition of the fork we extract the internals from the telescope and check them for defects and function. The telescope checked for its correct (smooth) function. Then we check if the telescope provides the full travel stroke. We also check e.g. the shock boot and the head set bearing.

With this gained information we create a cost estimation including all necessary and recommended actions/services/part belonging to your fork.->We will forward this e-mail to you and you decide on the steps to take.
When you confirm the order you will got a time frame (normally 2-3 working days) with the exact date when your fork is serviced and ready for shipping via DHL.
If everything is fine and nothing need to be done, we lube the telescope, re-install the internals and send the fork back. Except for the Euro 21,- plus shipping and handling there are no further charges.

After using our website to place an order, please fill out this form.

ps: We ask you to consider the following: Wear is ongoing process; it continues gradually and is therefore not noticed.
Therefore remind you to maintain the service intervals.
Thank you!

System Diagnosis

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