Lefty Ocho 120: Service, Maintenance and Tuning

World class Service, Maintenance and Tuning for Ocho 120

The second version of single sided , single crown one piece carbon outer and alloy upper leg/steerer. OPI alloy lower leg and spindle. Delta Cage hybrid needle bearing system
The lightest Trail fork with 120mm in Carbon with 1560Gramm with crown mount dial!
You can use the Ocho 120 with disc sizes from 160-203-205!

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Chamber-Damper + Oppo self adjusting air spring
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The 100h hybrid Service or latest after one year (whichever comes first) -
the damper was tested for function- we changed only the air seals. The air chamber seals were replaced and we disassembled the telescope, cleaned all parts, rebuilt and greased it and made a reset.
Attension: Please don´t use the RSP hybrid Set - you don´t need it after our change from oil to grease of the telescope. Thank you.

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